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Sorry it's been a long time since I've updated, it's already 2013. I
just turned 14 and have no intention of slowing down! 2012 was a
very sad and very happy year for me and my pack. In May we lost our
baby pack member Zeus, 2 months after his birthday. Everyone was
heartbroken - all of us missed him each day and the house just wasn't
the same without him... My mom happened to look on the computer one
night in August for black lab/wolf mixes (like Zeus & I) and found an
entire litter up for adoption in Indiana. She contacted their parents
and arranged to have 2 of the 5 week old boys flown here to
California. One was to be our new brother and the other would join my
favorite playmate Tucker's pack and live with Amy. Katie Worland and
my mom went to pick them up at the airport and when they got here we
were all so excited - they both were so small and cute! Amy decided
to call her guy Blazer (because of the white stripe down his chest and
white front paws), and we named ours Jupiter in honor of Zeus. Juju
is already bigger than me and is only 7mths old! Blazer is a smaller
guy but is still already the size of Neptune - They are both going to
be big boys! Blazer is over at my house almost every night playing
with his brother. We all still miss Zeus each day but I've been happy
to have the distraction and chaos these youngsters bring to our
house... I wish everyone a happy 2013!!!! Woof woof howl howl.... :)
In memory of Zeus, we will always love you.....
3/1/11 - 5/16/12
Please don't buy your next animal from a breeder!  Please visit your local animal shelter if you are thinking of getting a dog or a cat.  There are breed specific rescues as well if you are set on a certain  type of dog.  My entire pack (cats and all) were adopted from shelters and rescues!
I recommend:

Helen Woodward (San Diego) http://www.animalcenter.org/adoptions/

For wolfdogs like me or wolfy-looking breeds (like Kiva) please visit:


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