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Our students make Horsebound special! Please scroll down to read what some of our students have to say about being part of the Horsebound family.

Hi! My name is Leanne and I have been riding for almost 8 years now, and over 4 of them have been with Amy. I love being apart of Horsebound, and have made lots of great memories here. From taking the horses camping in cuyamaca, to trail riding in the rancho penasquitos canyon, to regular lessons in the arena, I always learn and have a great time. Amy continues to teach me so much about riding and the horses, and I have improved so much since riding with her. I love riding the horses here, and couldn't be happier to be apart of the program.


Hey! My name is Jennifer and I have been riding for 6 years, and 4 of those have been with Amy. Horsebound has definitely become like home to me, and it is also how I met one of my best friends, Leanne! I love learning new things in the arena as well as going on trail and just relaxing. Everyone here has helped me become more confident with the horses over the years, as well as develop great bonds with many of the horses. I have loved and will continue to love every day that I spend at Horsebound with Amy and Katie!


My name is Casey, and I started riding with Amy many years ago, when she was working for Horsemanship Academy . Before that, I rode at Rancho El Camino. When Amy told me she'd quit Horsemanship Academy to co-found Horsebound, I put my horse, Sugarbunz, on the list for CanyonSide right away. I ride (and show) mainly Western, I love trail, and I can't wait for Sugar to turn five so that I can ride her in the NATRAC!

Casey B.

I couldn’t be happier to be apart of Horsebound. I have known Amy and Katie for years and this is their dream. They have helped me go through a lot of firsts with my dream horse Barley. Not only did Amy find and help me buy my first horse, she and everyone else has been there every step of the way helping me. We all joke about how we tell Amy exactly what we want in a horse, and we end up buying the exact opposite. But the truth is, what we end up getting is so much better than we could have ever imagined. For me, I wanted an Arabian mare so that I could enter into the dressage world; I didn’t believe that dressage horses or any English horse for that matter could show English. But Amy proved me wrong, Barley is absolutely amazing, and true to her word, he is a beautiful English horse. But Amy isn’t the only amazing “horseperson.” Katie couldn’t have been any more helpful or generous. Honestly, I couldn’t say enough about these women, but that I’m so thankful for all their help.


My name is Trisha and I have been riding ever since I can remember. I started off here at Canyonside and have been brought back! Working with the ladies of Horsebound over the years has been, and continues to be one of my favorite experiences. They have shown me that horses are not just about riding, and have made my passion grow that much more. Not only have I been able to excel in the horse world, but I have also found a second family. Amy has been my trainer for years and helped me to find my beautiful boy Jake. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me. Jake is full of personality and brings new challenges to the table daily. It wouldn't be interesting if he didn't right? One of the best parts of Canyonside is the trails, and my horse loves the trails. When put to the test he can bring home those NATRC ribbons! Jake and I would not be anywhere we are today without the help and guidance from Amy and Katie.

Trisha T.

Hi! My name is Katie and I have been riding for 9 years in total, and 5 of those have been with Amy and Katie. Even though Amy is my primary instructor I really like going on trails with Katie:) Amy helped me find my horse Tyra (The Next Top Model) who won the 2010 Junior Paint World Champion title for Western Pleasure.  She is an amazing horse on trail, in the arena and I can't wait to show her this year!!!!  She lives with Coltin and they are so cute together (even laying down together in the stall at night).  Katie Thomas and I have decided to share our horses, so don't be surprised if you see her on Tyra and me on Coltin!

Katie W.

I started riding at my Aunt's house in Montana when I was in second grade but I never really did anything with it until this summer. Altogether I have been riding for about a year now. I am so glad I ended up finding Horsebound, Amy is my main teacher and lessons are really fun with her. I have gone on great trail rides with Katie, they both have helped and taught me so much. The best part is going on trail rides in Penasquitos Canyon right by the Barn, also during the summer we went to Fiesta Island and that was awesome !!! I usually ride Savannah, but all of the horses they have are very well tempered and are easy to get along with.

My name is Jade, and Amy has been my riding instructor since I was 6 years old (I am now 13 years old).  I moved to Canyonside after Amy left Horsemanship Academy as none of the other instructors there came close to Amy and her knowledge and know-how about the horses.  I am currently leasing Sonoma, who is a Morgan horse owned by Horsebound.  Over the years Amy has really taught me a lot about riding techniques and how to take care of the horses.  She has even taught me how to give the horses their shots!!  My other friends that ride elsewhere have never been taught as much by their instructors as Amy has taught me.  She has prepared me for the day that I own my own horse.  In other stables it is just about riding and not about the whole picture.   I also love being able to ride on the trails at Canyonside it is so much fun.  Katie is also great, I first met her when I was in horse camp a few years ago, she is so much fun.  I normally spend time with Katie on my lease days, she is always there to help out in any way she can, she's so nice!
Jade F.

Hi! My name is Joely and I have been taught by Amy and Katie for 2 years now. They have helped me with many things, including getting my first horse, Rio. He is a sweet paint gelding, and I'm glad that Amy and Katie helped me find him. Hopefully, once Rio gets used to his new home, I'll start running barrels on him. Throughout my riding experience, Amy and Katie have been the most influential teachers I've ever had. They have taught me alot more than just riding, such as responsibility, hardwork, and building a bond with a horse. They are great instructors and I'm glad that I've found horsebound. :)


Hi! I'm Olivia and I've been riding for a year now. I met Katie and Amy when I did a camp in June 2010. I had never realized how much I really enjoyed horseback riding up until then. Since that June, I've been doing lessons with Katie, who has helped me become a better rider and has been a great teacher. (I love how Katie always carries Smarties with her, so you never have to worry about bringing something to snack on.) All of the horses at Horsebound are amazing. I've had lessons in the rain, and the horses are so well behaved! Lessons are always fun, especially going on trail. 

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